Premium bubble tea brand
with more than 60 locations in Ontario,
and 4000 stores around the world

CoCo was founded in 1997 by Chairman Tommy Hung. In a world where culture blends with tea, CoCo found its core mission, ‘Consistency and Continuity’, to bring the highest quality of tea with unmatchable services to its customers, and began its journey in building the world’s biggest bubble tea empire.

Spanning over decades of diligence and consistency, CoCo kept its promises and passions in quality and services with innovative new drinks, stylish store designs, quality fresh fruits and distinctive recipes. With the persistence of traditional craftsmanship, bold innovations and sharp international perspectives, CoCo successfully brought its spirit overseas with the first New York store opening in 2011.

CoCo always aims to create a diverse and sustainable community for its customers, provide eyes-refreshing products, and is dedicated to “Embrace Tradition, Unleash Innovation, and Seize the World.”

From Taiwan to Canada, and the World

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